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The Offical First Blog Post / Best Podcast Equipment in 2024

Updated: May 19

Hey there, I'm Shayla Tharp—a full-time professional actress and voice actor splitting my time between the bustling streets of London and the vibrant scenes of Chicago. Bear with me while I learn how to create blog posts and how to properly share my adventures with you!

Since diving headfirst into the world of voice acting in 2019 after snagging my MFA in Acting and Performance, I've been on a whirlwind adventure, delivering studio-quality voiceovers that resonate far and wide. Whether I'm narrating long-form stories for PocketFM, Headfone, and Audible or lending my voice to radio ads and commercials, I strive to captivate listeners and leave a lasting impression with every performance.

SO, that leads me to the reason behind my first blog post!! To talk about the best podcast equipment of 2024, and my recent affiliate opportunities! Beyond the mic, I'm passionate about sparking meaningful conversations and driving positive change. That's why I launched my podcast, "Having a Laugh," where I delve into topics like mental health, acting, and the entertainment industry. Partnering with has given me a platform to amplify my message and connect with listeners on a deeper level. Check out my link to see what Riverside has to offer! I've found it to be the best hosting platform for all my podcast needs.


Next up, I've partnered with Amazon. I am linking the microphone and headphones I purchased and now use for every single podcast or voice-over job. I couldn't recommend them enough! Since upgrading to the Beyerdynamic headphones and the Rode Nt1a mic, I have been able to book several professional jobs throughout the year and feel like the true professional that I am.

Rode Nt1a
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

My journey as a professional actress and voice actor is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and versatility in the entertainment industry. As I continue to grace stages, screens, and recording booths around the world, I'm committed to captivating hearts, challenging norms, and inspiring change—one performance at a time.

Shay x


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